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About Pearls.


The assessment of the following characteristics determines the value of each type of pearl.


Pearls vary widely in color based on the type of oyster that produces them. The deeper the shade the more valuable the pearls. Golden South Sea Pearls comes in warm, natural colors that range from light lemon gold color to deep rich golden color


Of the many shapes available, perfectly round pearls are the rarest and the most difficult to culture. Other popular shapes are semi-round, button, oval, drop, semi-baroque, baroque, baroque irregular, circled and keshi. Keshi are irregularly shaped non-nucleated pearls that are produced during the culturing process in the same Pinctada Maxima Oysters.


Luster is the amount of light a pearl reflects from both its surface glow and the deep mirror like reflection of its inner light. The better the nacre quality of the pearls, the more superior its luster. It is what gives a pearl its unique beauty. Excellent reflection appears bright and sharp. Very good reflections appears bright and near sharp. Dull reflections are dull, dim and diffused.

SURFACE QUALITY                                        Surface quality and tiny marks are part of a pearl’s natural texture and proof of its genuine origin. These blemishes are the result of the tiny sea particles that drift onto the oyster and brush against the pearls as it forms.  Having fewer surface imperfections denote a higher quality and more valuable pearls. 


Large pearls are more difficult to cultivate and their rarity makes them more valuable. Pearls are measured in diameter increments of millimeters (mm). South Sea pearls begin at 9mm and can grow up to 20mm

NACRE QUALITY                                     

Nacre quality and luster are closely related.  The Nacre is thin when the pearl has a chalky and dull appearance or if the nucleus is visible under the nacre.  This affects the durability and the luster of the pearl.

south sea pearls 2
PNR13A Round Gold South Sea Pearl Pair 13mm (4)
Pearl color
Colors of South Sea Golden Pearls
South Sea Golden Pearl 1
Single golden pearl
Luster of Pearl
pinctada maxima shell 8
South Sea Golden Pearl 1
South sea pearl strand
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